Portrait Photography Service

Magazine advertising model photography

Fashion portrait photography

Wedding portrait photography

Professional personal portrait photography

Corporate management team portrait photography

PR portrait photography

專業形象照 smart portrait icefire studio hk

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商業人像攝影 Portrait Photography

  • 雜誌廣告模特兒攝影 Magazine advertising model photography
  • 時裝人像攝影 Fashion portrait photography
  • 婚紗人像攝影 Wedding portrait photography
  • 專業個人人像攝影 Professional personal portrait photography
  • 公司管理團隊人像攝影 Corporate management team portrait photography
  • 公關人像攝影 PR portrait photography

商業活動攝影 Commercial Event Photography

  • 會議攝影 Conferences photography
  • 產品發布會攝影 Product Launches Photography
  • 慈善活動攝影 Charity Events Photography
  • 品牌和服務相關的公關活動攝影 brand and service related PR events Photography
  • 報告文學和紀錄片報導攝影 Reportage and documentary coverage

廣告產品攝影 Advertising product photography

  • 美食攝影 Food photography
  • 數碼產品攝影 Digital product photography
  • 體育用品攝影 Sporting goods photography
  • 皮革手袋攝影 Leather handbag photography
  • 文儀用品攝影 Stationery photography

珠寶首飾及鐘錶攝影 Jewelry and watch photography

  • 戒指攝影 Ring photography
  • 吊咀攝影 Pendant photography
  • 頸鍊攝影 Necklace photography
  • 手鍊攝影 Bracelet photography
  • 鑽石攝影 Diamond photography
  • 耳環攝影 Earrings photography
  • 鋼錶攝影 Earrings photography
  • 鑽石錶攝影 Diamond watch photography
  • 金屬面攝影 Metallic surface photography
  • 不鏽鋼產品攝影 Stainless steel product photography

Video production: 攝錄拍片

  • Events videography 商業活動攝錄
  • Advertising videography 廣告短片攝錄
  • Annual reporting videography 周年慶典
  • Wedding day videography 婚禮攝錄
  • Wedding story videography 求婚短片

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專業個人攝影服務收費professional portrait hong kong

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