Professional photo edit service hong kong

Professional photo edit service Hong Kong

Photo retouch service

Provide high quality photo editing service, such as Fashion, Weddings, commercial, event, personal. We edit photos using Photoshop + Lightroom.

  • Fix Blurring Photos
  • Exposure Correction
  • Blemish Removal
  • Colour Contrast Enhancement
  • Colour Saturation Enhancement
  • Object Removal
  • removing the background
  • color & texture editing
  • beauty retouch

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lookbook photography for Fashion by paulstylist

Fashion Lookbook Photography Hong Kong


Specialists in fashion lookbook Photography for E-commerce photography and fashion shooting in Hong Kong.

E-Commerce Photography

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Lookbook Shooting

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Fashion Photography

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What is a photography lookbook?

Lookbook photography is a collection of latest fashion cloths that photo will make a book/ website / facebook / IG for publish a new product.

How long should a lookbook be?

Lookbook should be show the product details, such as price, color, size, stock and etc.

Lookbook photography pricing / Photo Shoot Pricing

For a fashion label’s look book, website, press release and public relations campaign for the details pleases contact us.

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Fashion Photography Services|Paulstylist What is photography quote?

Product shot |Fashion Photography Services Hong Kong

Paulstylist photographer offering you a complete choice of services which include fashion / garment photography, models photography, fashion photography services Hong Kong, modelling photography services and model outdoor shoot.


Fashion Photography

Service Details:

Shooting Location Hong Kong
Duration Half day 4 Hour / Full day 8 Hours
Shooting Type Fashion
Model Professional Model
Application Look-book / Web page / Facebook / IG

We are one of the leading service providers of Fashion Photography.
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How to make a quotation and bargaining for fashion photographer in Hong Kong?

What photography and art have in common is that it is difficult to have absolute fees. As long as someone appreciates it, the price can be increased. Fashion portrait photography is more market-oriented and has a relatively fixed price range. Such as CV phase, commercial advertising photography, which is very popular, the price of wedding dresses is very flexible, and the market price is high and low. Commercial fashion portrait photography is different, ordinary people can’t see big differences, but the price can vary greatly. It is enough to prove that the advertising fashion portrait photography market is high or low, depending on the work and reputation of the fashion photographer to determine the market value.

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What are the experiences of fashion photography?


Clothing photography has the distinction between still-life shooting and model drawing. The still life is relatively simple. Pay attention to the three aspects of lighting, pendulum and background. Below we specifically talk about the shooting of the model: In order to capture the perfect costume photography, we must prepare a list of items to be used before shooting, including backgrounds, ornaments, collocations, etc. These items will be fixed on your photographic work. Of course, not only the preparation of these physical items, but also the effects that the shooting wants to achieve, what specific ideas are there, and what kind of atmosphere to create. In the specific shooting, it must involve all aspects. Every influential brand fashion has its own special charm, and the charm that comes out needs photography to convey, and the clothing collocation and the temperament of the selected model must conform to the style that the fashion brand wants to convey. Adjust the position of the camera, express the dynamic beauty of the garment in the form of snapping, and pay attention to the details and surface image of the garment.