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Fashion Photography services include the design of advertising theme ideas, Arrange a model casting to find the right model / to provide professional ads for the model makeup / Arrange photo studio / professional lighting service / post-photo processing (executive) greatly save the customer time and money, Customers only need to provide ideas like shooting, we will try our best to help you find ways to achieve.

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Fashion Photography Service Hong Kong

Provide the idea of ​​like shooting, we will try our best to help you find ways to achieve. Such as arranging suitable models / hosting, arranging suitable shooting scenes, preparing clothes or props to be shot, and so on. We will provide professional professional photographers and professional photographic equipment, including 30 million high-class full-frame camera, lens and studio soft light.


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http://www.daimg.com 大图网为您提供高品质设计素材下载

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fashion ref2-12When conceiving a blockbuster, you should consider not only the costumes but also the makeup, the scene, and so on. Let’s explain it by personal case analysis Planning of the shooting plan Clothing / College / Fashion

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Large-scale shooting is a very important part of the collection, and it is also the customer’s ability to see the clothes worn on the person and experience your fashion sense. A good group of big films is not only carefully planned, but also a good idea.

Here are a few styles, and the individual prefers paulstyle. So the reference moodboard also chose a series of such pictures.

Composition Card Photography

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閨密寫真 / 閨房攝影


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