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paulstylist is a commercial photographer specializing in adverting, fashion lookbook catalogue, e-commerce, portrait, boudoir, product, interior, lifestyle, social media, packaging and large-scale poster in cross media.

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Marketing campaign | 商業廣告攝影製作拍攝| 專業攝影師

Provide one-stop Fashion Photography Service

  • Photoshoot services include the design of advertising theme ideas, fashion advertisement, promotion, poster, advert, look book, photo shooting, makeup & hairstyling, arrange studio, professional lighting setup, photo retouch. It’s save time and money.

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Create Unique Visual Content for Brands and Business

When conceiving a blockbuster, you should consider not only the costumes but also the makeup, the scene, and so on. Let’s explain it by personal case analysis Planning of the shooting plan Clothing / College / Fashion

  • Advertising,
  • Lookbook & catalogue,
  • E-commerce Campaign

攝影師 PAULSTYLIST 專業攝影服務 廣告拍攝 時裝攝影 企業形象照 活動攝影 婚禮拍攝 人像寫真41

e-commerce adverting FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY psulstylist studio top brand photo shoot lookbook SERVICE HONG KONG21

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advertise photography 攝影師 PAULSTYLIST 專業攝影服務 廣告攝影拍攝 時裝攝影 企業形象照 活動攝影 婚禮拍攝 人像寫真18

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Fashion behind the scene

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Fashion Portrait Photography Hong Kong


Large-scale shooting is a very important part of the collection, and it is also the customer’s ability to see the clothes worn on the person and experience your fashion sense. A good group of big films is not only carefully planned, but also a good idea.

Here are a few styles, and the individual prefers paulstylist. So the reference mood board also chose a series of such pictures.

Life style snap shot





Boudoir Portrait Photography

” Love myself even though I am not perfect ! “

香港個人閨蜜寫真服務推薦 paulstylist best Boudoir Portrait photography Recommend hk 14

″ Life is short, we learn to live in the moment. Love yourself, do what you like, and live your life wonderfully. There is no regret in life.

Youth is priceless, cherish the present and live in the present!

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When I was old, I would be proud to be able to relive the photos of my youth and youth.” author paulstylist


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Product Photography

paulstylist team are full service commercial photographic studio, Our photography service includes:

Shooting options for each image
Supplied images in format and resolution upon customer requirements
Studio setup, photo editing, spot removal, clean up, retouch, color corrections.

  • shoes
  • handbag
  • accessories

商業廣告攝影、時裝攝影、產品攝影 paulstylist 提供一站式攝影服務1

商業廣告攝影、時裝攝影、產品攝影 paulstylist 提供一站式攝影服務4

The Place Photography

Provides professional interior photography.
Take shots for your location-including offices, shops, real estate, properties, Building exterior and surrounded environment, hotels, party rooms, exhibition venues. Welcome to email/ Whatsapp/call professional photographers to inquire or get the latest quotation.


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