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Professional  Hong Kong Photography services include the design fasion project of advertising theme and commercial ideas, Arrange a model casting to find the right model / to provide professional ads for the model makeup / Arrange photo studio / professional lighting service / post-photo processing (executive) greatly save the customer time and money

Specializing Model shooting / Fashion photography / Beauty shooting / lookbook / E-catalog / Food / lifestyle /  interior / corporate photography / Headshots / Portraits / artistic image / creative project shooting / fine art image


攝影服務包括設計廣告主題意念, 安排模特兒試鏡尋找合適模特兒 / 為模特兒提供專業廣告化妝髮型服務 / 安排拍攝影樓 / 專業打燈服務 / 後期相片處理執相大大省卻客戶時間及金錢


Fashion photography



fashion shooting by paulstylist19

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