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Boudoir portrait photography ideas and inspiration by paulstylist

  • You can shoot a unique personal album style according to your favorite clothes and taste, which can definitely show your personal style. You can refer to the reference of past works.



Boudoir Portrait Photography Service

  • 90 mins shooting in studio
  • Coaching & Pose Direction
  • Professional lighting and equipments
  • Get All the original JPG ( more than 300+ )
  • 10 retouched photos (high-res)
  • 20 basic retouching ( brightness, contrast, saturation and cropping ) selected by photographer
  • 2-3 own outfit changes as well as the option of going nude
  • Strict encryption procedures to protect personal privacy

Additional Service

  • simple makeup and hair styling

” Love myself even though I am not perfect ! “

” 喜歡自己 愛自己 接受真實的我 ”


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 ″ 人生無常,我們學習活在當下。

愛自己,做自己喜歡的事,精彩地活出自己人生,人生才沒有遺憾。當年華老去,能夠重溫惜日青春時的相片,也會感到驕傲 ″ 筆者paulstylist

香港個人閨蜜寫真服務推薦 paulstylist best Boudoir Portrait photography Recommend hk 13

″ Life is short, we learn to live in the moment. Love yourself, do what you like, and live your life wonderfully. There is no regret in life.

香港個人閨蜜寫真服務推薦 paulstylist best Boudoir Portrait photography Recommend hk 16

When I was old, I would be proud to be able to relive the photos of my youth and youth.” author paulstylist

Paulstylist Photography Service Hong Kong

Youth is priceless, cherish the present and live in the present!

香港個人閨蜜寫真服務推薦 paulstylist best Boudoir Portrait photography Recommend hk3


Cherish the beautiful figure now and write down the beautiful memories!

香港個人閨蜜寫真服務推薦 paulstylist best Boudoir Portrait photography Recommend hk 5


香港個人閨蜜寫真服務推薦 paulstylist best Boudoir Portrait photography Recommend hk 10香港個人閨蜜寫真服務推薦 paulstylist best Boudoir Portrait photography Recommend hk 18


懂得愛自己 不在追求完美

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Boudoir Portrait frequently ask questions | 影個人寫真最常見的問題 |

什麼是Boudoir Portrait Photography ?

  • Boudoir 中文意思是性感閨房私密照,是一種個人寫真,源自西方現在已經十分流行,目的是記錄美好的身段作回憶或禮物送給自己或者未婚夫。亦有些是wedding bridal boudoir主題,婚紗配上性感內衣造型作結婚記念。

What is Boudoir Portrait Photography?

  • Boudoir in Chinese means a private photo of a sexy boudoir. It is a kind of personal photo. It is very popular in the West. It aims to record a good figure for memories or gifts for yourself. There are also wedding bridal boudoir themes, wedding dresses with sexy lingerie to make a wedding anniversary.

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  • 要年滿18歲就可以。

How old can be take Boudoir Photo shoot?

  •  Above 18.


  • 十分明白你的感受的,其實大部份的客人也會有同樣的問題的。不用膽心Paulstylist是一位十分有經驗的人像攝影師,特別是拍攝女性,整個拍攝過程,他會有動作指導,只要留心聽從指示就可以。

Your photos are pretty, and I really want to take a photo shoot as a souvenir, but I am not a professional model. I usually don’t have a photo, and I don’t know how to do actions. Will the results come out good?

  • I understand your feelings very well. In fact, most of the guests will have the same problem. Don’t be guilty Paulstylist is a very experienced portrait photographer, especially for women. During the entire shooting process, he will have action instructions, just pay attention to the instructions.


  • 到達影樓後可以先坐下來休息一會,可以先展示帶來的服飾給攝影師看。有需要可以化妝和整理一下髮型及更換服飾進行拍攝。
  • 一開始會有熱身時間,攝影師會進行測光,客人保持輕鬆愉快的心情就可以。攝影師會拍不同的角度,有全境,半身,大頭,或特寫,尋找客人最靚的角度。
  • 如果客人有自己喜歡的動作或者意見,也歡迎提出,例如比較喜歡左邊面,喜歡高角度拍攝或者不喜歡笑,不喜歡面向鏡頭等等。
  • 拍攝完後,可以即時用usb復制相片,同一時間可以快速觀看相片。

Because I haven’t tried a photo studio, what is the shooting process?

  • After arriving at the studio, you can sit down and rest for a while, and you can first show the costumes you bring to the photographer. If necessary, you can make up and arrange hairstyles and change costumes for shooting.
  • At the beginning, there will be a warm-up time, the photographer will do metering, and guests can keep a relaxed and happy mood. Photographers will take different angles, from the whole world, half body, big head, or close-up, to find the most beautiful angle of the guests.
  • If guests have their favorite actions or opinions, they are also welcome to put forward, for example, they prefer the left side, like high-angle shooting or do not like to laugh, do not like to face the camera and so on.
  • After shooting, you can use USB to copy the photos in real time, at the same time you can quickly view the photos.


  • 可以的。客人可以選擇到我們的影樓拍攝,也可以自費選擇自己喜歡的地方,例如酒店,家中或者一些特式場地拍攝。只要拍攝場地近港鐵站是5分鐘步行距離,就可以免費。如果偏遠地區和不近港鐵站,需要付加的士費用。

Can I choose a venue for shooting a personal photo?

  • Yes. Guests can choose to shoot in our studio or at their own expense, choose their favorite places, such as hotels, homes or some special venues. As long as the shooting location near MTR station is 5 minutes walking distance, it is free. If you are in a remote area and not close to the MTR station, you need to pay a taxi fare.

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影Boudoir 應該需要全裸嗎?

  • 視乎個人接受程度,女生會穿性感內衣,睡衣或者Nude(半裸/全裸)造型拍攝。

What should I wear for Boudoir photography?

  • Some girls will wear sexy underwear or Nude (semi-nude/full-nude) style shooting.



What is the Boudoir Level?

Guests can choose their own. It can be divided into the following:

  • Level 1. Wear Lingerie
    Level 2. Half Nude 
    Level 3. Full nude 

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拍攝nude style 可以用乳貼嗎?

  • 可以的,但比較少女生會用,因為拍出來的照片,主要是想留給自己看,可以看到最真實的一面,而且是不公開的,10年或20年後你想看見到最真實的自己嗎?

Can I use nipple when shooting nude style?

  • It’s okay, but no more girls to that, because the photos I take are mainly for myself, I can see the most authentic side, and it’s not for public, you want to see the most real after 10 or 20 years ‘S own?

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  • 可以帶朋友一起到,如果真的很怕陌生,但我們建議朋友開拍後可先行離開,因為跟據以往經驗,朋友在會影響表現,特別是攝影師會減少跟客人溝通,拍出來的相會比較失色, 我們希望與每個客戶進行一對一的體驗,因此,我們建議不要帶朋友來會減少尷尬情境

Can I bring my friends to shoot?

  • You can bring your friends with you. If you are really afraid of strangers, we recommend that you leave after you start shooting, because according to previous experience, friends will affect performance, especially photographers will reduce communication with guests It’s a little bit bleak, we want to have a one-to-one experience with each customer, so we suggest not bringing any friends to make it smoother.

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相片會顯示在Facebook,IG 網站還是社交媒體上嗎?

  • 我們非常重視客人私穩的,如果沒有得到同意,相片是絕對不會公開的(永遠!)發佈到網上。
    但通常客人會覺得自己靚,自己Post fascebook/ IG 

Will the photos be displayed on Facebook, IG website or social media?

  • We are very  respect privacy.  without consent, the photos will never be published (forever!) and posted online. But usually guests will feel pretty and post Facebook/ IG.

相片安全嗎? 如何處理相片呢?

  • 相片存放會十分安全的,拍攝後相片會保存在一個已加密的外置Harddise,每次讀取都需要密碼驗証的,相片不會上傳到雲端,而電腦就有加密及購買最新防毒軟件,即時更新,以保安全。

Is the photo safe?How to deal with photos?

  • The photo storage will be very safe. After shooting, the photo will be stored in an encrypted external Hardness. Every time you read it, you need to verify the password. Photos will not be uploaded to the cloud to avoid loss. The computer has encryption and purchases the latest anti-virus software, which is updated in real time to ensure safety.


  • 可以。我們需要至少14天的通知來重新安排拍攝時間。如果您在拍攝前不到14天與我們聯繫以重新安排行程,忘記約會或兩次以上重新安排行程,則您的固定人不可轉讓,我們將收取重新安排費用。當付了定金作實,攝影師和化妝師和影樓會保留日期,代表會拒絕其他人,所以如果客人臨時改期,攝影師和化妝師和影樓場地是有實際金錢損失的。

Can I change the date and time after making an appointment?

  • Yes. We need at least 14 days notice to reschedule the shooting time. If you contact us less than 14 days before the filming to reschedule the trip, forget the appointment or reschedule more than two times, your fixed person is not transferable and we will charge a rescheduling fee. When a down payment is made, the photographer and makeup artist and the studio will retain the date, and the representative will reject the others, so if the guest is temporarily rescheduled, the photographer and makeup artist and the studio venue will have actual money lost


  • 由於攝影的美學很難介定,所以任何攝影服務均不予退款,決定拍攝前可以先認真參考攝影師的作品。

If the photos taken are not satisfactory, is there a refund arrangement?

  • Since the aesthetics of photography are difficult to determine, any photography service will not be refunded, and you can carefully refer to the photographer’s work before deciding to shoot.

香港邊度影boudoir portrait 介紹呢?

  • paulstylist 是香港其中一個出名影boudoir的攝影師。他拍出來的boudoir風格很有個性,最能拍出女性線條和獨一無二的個性,即使是平時沒有拍攝經驗的素人,paulstylist有相當豐富的人像拍攝經驗,引導擺出不同的pose姿勢。

Any recommendation for boudoir portrait photographer in Hong Kong?

  • Paulstylist is one of Hong Kong’s famous photographers, boudoir. The boudoir style he shoots is very personal, and it can best capture female lines and unique personalities. Even for amateurs who don’t usually have shooting experience, paulstylist has a very rich portrait shooting experience and guides to pose in different poses.

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