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Boudoir Portrait Photography Service HK

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什麼是Boudoir Portrait Photography ?

Boudoir 中文意思是性感閨房私密照,是一種個人寫真,源自西方現在已經十分流行,目的是記錄美好的身段作回憶或禮物送給自己或者未婚夫。亦有些是wedding bridal boudoir主題,婚紗配上性感內衣造型作結婚記念。

What is Boudoir Portrait Photography?

Boudoir in Chinese means a private photo of a sexy boudoir. It is a kind of personal photo. It is very popular in the West. It aims to record a good figure for memories or gifts for yourself or fiance. There are also wedding bridal boudoir themes, wedding dresses with sexy lingerie to make a wedding anniversary.

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影Boudoir 應該穿什麼呢?


What should I wear for Boudoir photography?

Some girls will wear sexy underwear, pajamas or Nude (semi-nude/full-nude) style shooting.

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幾時影boudoir 最適合?


How old can be take Boudoir Photo shoot?

There is no fixed age limit, but generally when the age is still young. 18 to 28 years old is the best stage of body posture, because usually this period is when women’s body develops well and perfect, the most feminine moment, of course, other ages can also be taken, because now women will do sports and pay attention Body type and diet, so any age can be photographed. .

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香港邊度影boudoir portrait 介紹呢?

paulstylist 是香港其中一個出名影boudoir的攝影師。他拍出來的boudoir風格很有個性,最能拍出女性線條和獨一無二的個性,即使是平時沒有拍攝經驗的素人,paulstylist有相當豐富的人像拍攝經驗,引導擺出不同的pose姿勢。

Any recommendation for boudoir portrait photographer in Hong Kong?

Paulstylist is one of Hong Kong’s famous photographers, boudoir. The boudoir style he shoots is very personal, and it can best capture female lines and unique personalities. Even for amateurs who don’t usually have shooting experience, paulstylist has a very rich portrait shooting experience and guides to pose in different poses.

Boudoir Portrait價錢

<限定優惠 $2,000 / 1.5小時 >

  • 1.5小時個人寫真拍攝
  • 給回所有JPG原檔
  • 不限拍攝數量,大約200-300張
  • 客人自備內衣拍攝
  • 不限服飾數量
  • 可上門拍攝 (只限女性)
  • 嚴謹加密程序,保障個人隱私
  • 7天內收到下載連結
  • 修圖$150/張

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Boudoir Photography Service

< Special Offer $ 2,000 / 1.5 hours >

  • 1.5 Hours personal photo shoot
  • Give back the original JPG (around 200-300 )
  • Available onsite/ Hotel (female only)
  • Strict encryption procedures to protect personal privacy
  • Guests bring their own underwear
  • Unlimited number of costumes
  • Receive download link within 7 days
  • photo edit +$150/photo

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