Tips Before boudoir portrait Photography

Frequently Asked Questions about Shooting boudoir portrait photography

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Personal photo style type

  • Beautiful photo
    Creative photo
    Japanese photo
    Wen Qing photo
    Vintage photo
    Swimsuit photo
    Fresh sketch photo
    Full nude photo
    Nude Photo Album
    Sexy art photo
    Pregnant woman
    Breastfeeding photo
    Black and white classic photo
    Fashion clothing photo

Sexy photography service shooting location

In addition to shooting photos in the studio, we can also provide on-site photography services, and guests can arrange their favorite shooting scenes such as

  • Private villa photo
    Special Hotel Photo
    Theme photo studio photo photography
    Overseas photo shooting

Introduction to Sexy Photography Shooting Process

  • Check shooting time
    Choose personal photo style or type
    Need to pay venue fees and half of the deposit hold period for confirmation
    The day before the shoot, everyone will check on whatsapp
    On the day of shooting, we will first communicate with the photographer how many looks will be taken, change clothes and simple make-up and comb hair
    After the filming, cash payment is required to pay the remaining costs
    Guests will receive a link to download the revised file within one month, and guests can print and take a perfect photo for a souvenir!

5 reasons to take a personal photo

  • Challenge yourself and see your sexy side from photos
    After seeing the prosperous world, I understand that Cheng Ji is beginning to grow, and his body slowly begins to deform, leaving the most beautiful moment
    Follow your own heart, do what you like
    Send a gift to the future self
    Surprise your boyfriend with your photo

Tips Before Sexy Photo Photography
Frequently Asked Questions about Shooting Sexy Photos

Q: Is the privacy of guests protected?

Answer: Certainly, guests can choose to take photos with faceless or half-hidden faces, and the photos will not be published without the guest’s consent. Some guests are willing to publish their photos, and the photos will only be used for educational or art exhibition purposes. Before shooting, we will first understand the scale in detail, and the agreement will be signed by both parties.

Q: My figure is not good enough now, can I take a photo?

Answer: Actually, you will never be 100% satisfied. Photographs can record important moments of youth. For example, you want to record the changes in your body shape before and after you have a BB, and some want to record the muscle line effects that you have worked hard for, for different reasons. And we will provide retouching service, you can modify it appropriately

Q: I like to take photos, but I am not 18 years old now. Can I take photos?
Answer: You can also take photos if you are under the age of adults, but you can’t take nude photos. You can wait a little longer and arrange to take photos when you are 18 years old.

Shooting private photos and sexy photos can leave the most beautiful moments, which is a very memorable thing

I understand that many girls want to develop a sexy route and like to take some large-scale sexy photos. Welcome to cooperate with us.
Understand that girls like to take pictures of themselves healthy and sexy, details can be discussed. When taking pictures of human bodies, we attach great importance to women’s privacy and protection, and trust each other to take good pictures.