Provide one-stop Photography Service

Photography Service

Photography services include the design of advertising theme ideas, Arrange a model casting to find the right model / to provide professional ads for the model makeup / Arrange photo studio / professional lighting service / post-photo processing (executive) greatly save the customer time and money

Customers only need to provide ideas like shooting, we will try our best to help you find ways to achieve.

Provide the idea of ​​like shooting, we will try our best to help you find ways to achieve. Such as arranging suitable models / hosting, arranging suitable shooting scenes, preparing clothes or props to be shot, and so on.

We will provide professional professional photographers and professional photographic equipment, including 30 million high-class full-frame camera, lens and studio soft light.


攝影服務包括設計廣告主題意念, 安排模特兒試鏡尋找合適模特兒 / 為模特兒提供專業廣告化妝髮型服務 / 安排拍攝影樓 / 專業打燈服務 / 後期相片處理執相, 大大省卻客戶時間及金錢。

客戶只需要提供喜歡拍攝的意念,我們會盡力幫客人尋求方法達成。客戶只需要提供喜歡拍攝的意念,我們會盡力幫客人尋求方法達成。例如安排合適模特兒/主持 ,安排合適拍攝埸地,準備需要拍攝的衣服或道具等等。


Commercial Photography Service

  • 廣告商業攝影服務Commercial Photography Service
  • 商業產品攝影服務 Commercial Product Photography
  • 建築攝影 Architecture Photography
  • 室內設計攝影服務 Interior Design Photography
  • 室內環境攝影 Indoor Environment Photography
  • 辦公室攝影 Office Photography
  • 企業攝影 Corporate Photography
  • 商舖攝影服務 Shop Photography
  • 物業攝影服務 Property Photography
  • 建築攝影 Architectural Photography
  • 酒店攝影 Hotel Photography
  • 時裝攝影 Fashion Photography
  • 工業拍攝 Industrial Shooting




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