What are the experiences of fashion photography?


Clothing photography has the distinction between still-life shooting and model drawing. The still life is relatively simple. Pay attention to the three aspects of lighting, pendulum and background. Below we specifically talk about the shooting of the model: In order to capture the perfect costume photography, we must prepare a list of items to be used before shooting, including backgrounds, ornaments, collocations, etc. These items will be fixed on your photographic work. Of course, not only the preparation of these physical items, but also the effects that the shooting wants to achieve, what specific ideas are there, and what kind of atmosphere to create. In the specific shooting, it must involve all aspects. Every influential brand fashion has its own special charm, and the charm that comes out needs photography to convey, and the clothing collocation and the temperament of the selected model must conform to the style that the fashion brand wants to convey. Adjust the position of the camera, express the dynamic beauty of the garment in the form of snapping, and pay attention to the details and surface image of the garment.

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