Boudoir Portrait Photography Hong Kong | Paulstylist

What is Boudoir Photography?

  • boudoir photography wearing sexy outfits, lingerie, dresses, or even nude and get your photographs taken

What are the styles of boudoir photography?

Bridal Boudoir Style

wedding boudoir photography HK by paulstylist-29

Elegant Style

artistic nude portrait photography by top HK photographer paulstylist-109

Moody Style

boudior nude photography HK by paulstylist-20


Why You Should Have a Boudoir photoshoot?

  • Nowadays, Boudoir Photography has emerged in Europe and the United States. Girls record their current appearance with images and let their youth be preserved forever! At present, there are many girls in Hong Kong who want to leave a shadow while still young and show the beauty of self-confidence under the lens. It is a precious gift for the future!

Do you care if you are not slim enough?

  • You don’t need to stop your boudoir photography because your body doesn’t meet the eyes of the public! When shooting, as long as you can show the curve of your body, plus the cooperation of lights, venues, expressions, etc., the most important thing is to appreciate yourself sincerely, and the photographer will record the most beautiful you at this moment through the lens!

Where can I shoot a boudoir?

  • Photography Studio
  • Beautiful windows in the Hotel Room
  • Private Place e.g. Home
  • Outdoor seaside, beach, forest

How much do boudoir photos cost?

  • The average cost for a boudoir photographer in Hong Kong is $1000-$3000 per hour

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