Nude model wanted

Nude model wanted for art photography project in Hong Kong

Nude model wanted

Nude model wanted for long time recruitment posting Artist’s model. We will provide basic posing class for junior model, it’s 100% free, no need to pay any money. welcome any young female to join.

the beauty of a female shadows or emotional nuances you can find if you look & capture her perfectly intimate instance in time continuum (via fideliohaus)
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what is nude model?

  • Nude Models pose undressed as a subject for Artist’s photography,  paintings, sculpture, and other types of art for students in art photography studio classes.
amamira: “Sarah Fecteau ” this one would b great for canvas
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Nude model requirement

  • Female
  • Over 18 year old and less than 35 year old
  • No experience required but must be comfortable holding nude poses.
  • Open mind and willing learn
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How to apply for nude model?

  • Send us your basic information, e.g. gender, age, height, weight
  • 3 photo of  recent photo
  • why you interested in nude model

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[ 個人閨蜜攝影寫真 ]

  • 個人寫真拍攝
  • 可即時取回所有JPG原檔
  • 可上門拍攝 (只限女性)
  • 嚴謹加密程序,保障個人私隱
  • 客人自備內衣拍攝
  • 不限服飾數量

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