Advertising make-up hairstyle service


Facebook / YouTube / Instagram

廣告 / 硬照 / 雜誌 / 剪彩
Advertising / Still Picture / Magazine / Opening

舞台 / 水底攝影
Stage /  Underwater Photography

Company Make-Up / Group Make-Up


Juco for Foam

Fashion photography by Matthieu Belin from a shoot for the Wandian campaign.

A kicky little dress for a Friday night; pair with an ankle boot, ribbed tights optional.

Cool graphic design idea..Shoes in pairs..Still Life photography...Habbot A/W 2013 | Sonia Rentsch

Achados da Bia | Editorial | Floral | Primavera | Harpers Bazaar UK

Lina Tesch Photography

Absolutely love this look. Its looks classy and sophisticated. The contrast between the models' warmth and cool background make the clothes pop. I like this de-saturated colour theme.  Lara Jade photography

#RosieHuntington für #PaigeDenim


12767258_1151779671499592_951888406_n.jpg (769×960)

((bridget satterlee)) Hey, I'm Gypsy. I guess you could call me a free spirited two, which is what my mom calls me sometimes. I don't really have a job. I travel around, doing my own thing. I come home every once in awhile but I prefer to stay away. I entered the selection as a dare, I didn't think I would actually get picked. But I'm here, but I'm not sure for how long. I'm never in one place for long. I'm not afraid to tell you what a really think, and I never shut my mouth.

Travis Rathbone Photography

(22) Tumblr

GREY MATTER by PatternCurator



First & foremost, I am thrilled to be a regular contributor for Liberty 4  Fashion.    "Bar Code" is a trend call-out for SS17.  Stripes aren't going anywhere.   What I'm seeing is a new take on stripes in layout, manipulation &  placements.  The black, white, grey neutral story lends itself to the  graphic nature of stripes, keeping this look both classic & modern.   Stay inspired, create & share.  xo,  Kristine           PatternCurator™ is a forecasting company focused on reporting relevant...


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