What is Session hair Styling?

What is session hair styling and what are the ingredients that make up a great session hair stylist? We’ve put together a short description to help broaden your understanding and fuel your ambition.

Session styling is all about preparing hair for models, celebrities and actors about to step out on the catwalk, photo shoot, film set or red carpet event. Session styling is the ultimate in creativity and focus. It is about the highest level of imagination, skill and application. A session stylist must be able to interpret, complement and add to the latest fashion styles from the catwalk, working closely with others from the fashion industry to create beautiful, and sometimes dramatic, hair.

Products are specifically created to meet the needs of session stylists; however this also translates directly to the salon environment, which takes inspiration from the catwalk whilst meeting the demands of customers.

Getting quick, consistent, perfect results that look great on film takes skill, practice, and an awareness of the requirements and composition of the final product. A good session stylist should be able to motivate his/her team and the models they work with, have a good relationship with the photographer, including an appreciation of how lighting and background interact, as well as be able to interpret and enhance an art director’s instructions.


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